What Is Rainfall?


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Rainfall is the amount of precipitation that has fallen within a specific length of time. This may be measured within a day, month or a year depending and is used to evaluate weather trends and to help predict future weather conditions.
Rainfall does not just account for rain that falls from the sky; it also measures other forms of precipitation including hail, snow and sleet that fall to the ground.
The level of rainfall can be measured using instruments such as rain gauges and tipping buckets that can then be used to determine how much precipitation has fallen within a set period of time. A rain gauge has a wide-opened top that allows the rain to fall down into a funnel shaped container that can then be used to measure the rainfall. This measuring process allows specific and very precise readings to be taken with some of them being able to provide precise readings of as little as one-hundredth of an inch.
Rain can also be measured using a tipping bucket. Like the rain gauge it has a funnel that leads down to two buckets that can each hold 0.1 inch of rain water. Once one of these buckets becomes full, it will tip over to be emptied and the other bucket will then start becoming filled. The device will then add on 0.1 inch every time the bucket becomes filled.
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When it rains

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