How Many Cities Are There In Portugal?


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Currently Portugal has 151 locations that are considered as cities. The country of Portugal is situated on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. In this country, a city is actually an honorific term which is given to the locations that have to fulfil several criteria. These criteria include good infrastructure, having a certain minimum number of inhabitants or have key historical importance.

In Portuguese, which is the official language of Portugal, a city is known as a cidade.
It is important to note that the city is not considered as an administrative division. Thus a city need not correspond to a municipality. The wholly urban municipalities like Lisbon, Funchal or Porto are some exceptions.

There are eight specific locations that have been always deemed cities ever since Portugal came to be an independent kingdom (de facto 1143). These are Lamego, Braga, Coimbra, Porto and Viseu, Lisbon, Évora and Silves.

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