How Many Cities Are There In The USA?


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There are over 10,000 cities in America with nine containing over a million people. In the 2010 Census, the numbers for the population of these nine cities themselves, discounting suburbs and surrounding areas, are estimated as follows: New York, 8.36m; Los Angeles, 3.8m; Chicago, 2.85m; Houston, 2.24m; Phoenix, 1.56m; Philadelphia, 1.44m; San Antonio, 1.35m; Dallas, 1.28m; and San Diego, 1.28m. The next 41 of the top 50 are detailed at As tourist destinations and locations for huge businesses, cities are the lifeblood of America. Although they lack the homely feel of a log cabin of a little village, or the towns which lie beside long stretches of Interstate road with populations barely touching three figures, cities help make America one of the leading economies in the world. It is interesting to see the population density in the country, which focuses around the coasts and some states in the middle part of the country, such as Illinois, Texas and Nevada. Although multinational American corporations have stores in all major cities, since many consumers live there, it is the individual quirks that give cities their own feel. New Orleans has its Cajun culture, New York its melting pot of African-American, Jewish and Italian-American, Las Vegas with its gaudy culture of consumerism, San Francisco with its bridges and cable cars, Los Angeles with its plastic-fantasticness and Detroit with its wonderful past. Julian Temple's recent film 'Requiem for Detroit' shows the decay of a once-great city, and it is a shame that America treats the Motor City, where black music defined the sound of the nation from 1958 until 1967 at least, is left to rot.
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A city can be defined as an area which is the hub of economic as well as administrative activities supporting a large population involved in various business and industrial occupations. Though in the United States a number of places having a relatively low population and distinctly rural in character are classified as cities.

If population is considered as the sole criterion and the minimum number of persons for a place to be designated as a city is considered to be 200,000 then there are about 95 cities in the United States. Today there are about 800 places in the United States which are listed as cities in varying degrees from population and median household income to property rates and literacy being some of the parameters used for designating a place as a city.

On a global scale there are 10 cities in the United States with a population of more than a million people among which New York occupies first place with a population of 8 million people excluding the metropolitan areas. The major concentration of population is in the eastern part of the country and the states of California and Texas and it is in these regions primarily that one finds a number of urban areas.

The major cities in the United States may be listed as follows:

1. New York
2. Los Angeles
3. Chicago
4. Houston
5. Philadelphia
6. San Francisco
7. Miami
8. Washington DC
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Pittsburgh should be on there! It held the g-20 and has the superbowl and stanly cup winners for last year. Plus It is one of the most economicaly stable cities!
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19,355 if you count Pittsburgh (sp?) according to the Census Bureau
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I think its 19,355
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I live in Canada yu know why you have more cities than Canada Bez U.S.A provinces are small and ours are big only those small once in the East
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Well,fro m my calculations,there are 19,355 cities in the usa.
But who knows.I just added in my head,I maybe wrong.

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