What are the common features of developed countries?


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There are many differences in the way that people live and the quality of life in a developed country when compared to a developing country. This shows that there is more than just the trade and economy that are influenced by what bracket the country is placed in.

These differences cut across many different areas such as trade, health and education which are all linked together at one point by the fact that the country is developed and therefore has more trade power and more GDP so that the money within the country can be used to increase services and the quality of life for its citizens.

Some common features of developed countries are;

  • High level of hygiene within services, shopping centers and other communal areas. This is due to standards that are set and the money to employ people to keep communal areas clean and tidy. Developing countries do not have the money to fund these jobs.
  • Low unemployment rate. As there are many exports from developed countries, there are many jobs to deal with the demand. This increases the amount of jobs that are created out of overseas trade.
  • Low homelessness rate as there are better government systems in place to take care of citizens that have fallen short and are unable to support themselves. This low level of homelessness is also due to higher employment and better government services.
  • Better healthcare and quality of life. There are generally better healthcare systems in developed countries and greater access to healthcare both locally and inexpensively. This helps to increase the life expectancy in these more developed countries.
These are some of the general differences but there are some developing countries that do have some of the benefits of a developed country due to their morals or what the government places value upon.

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