How make a working model on agriculture & technology?


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One website,, has plenty of great information for making models of agricultural equipment for your enjoyment. Just like some people collect replica cars, stamps and coins, for many people, farms are a key memory of their childhood that they like to keep alive through their handiwork.  On this website, you can actually purchase some of the models of agriculture technology to keep at home, including weathering machinery, John Deere harvesters and Renault tractors that are all widely used to keep farms spick and span. With pictures of the technology in action, you’ll be amazed by the intricacy of these replicas. Indeed, looking at some of the images, you would believe that they were real-life photographs if it wasn’t for the plastic models of farmers that aren’t as realistic!

At this link (, there’s also a detailed explanation as to how such authenticity with the models has been achieved. For example, their inspiration for fir trees came from another group of enthusiasts: People who like to build model train sets. They found the shrubbery needed to create their own trees from stores that specialise in catering for transport enthusiasts, and this shows the resourcefulness that they have exhibited by making a working model on agriculture and technology.

Another vital ingredient appears to be sisal rope, which is cut into miniscule pieces of no more than 20mm at a time to create maize. All you need to do is add a lick of paint so it is brown in colour, add clay dust for an authentic effect, and glue together to create bales.

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