What Are The Causes Of Low Productivity In Agriculture In India?


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Productivity is actually a function of efficiency and effectiveness. These two are essential for a productive industry.

The agricultural sector in India has low productivity because of the following reasons:

- Traditional farming methods.

- Lack of adequate machinery.

- Lack of finances for farmers.

- Lack of good quality seeds and fertilizers

- Ownership of land.

- Illiteracy

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-technological factors
-primitive production practices
-slower spread of new technology
-inadequate and poor post-harvest technology
-institutional factors
-weak agrarian structure
-absence of sound infrastructure
-inadequacy of agricultural support programmes
-lack of entrepreneurship in agriculture
-deficiency of investment
-absence of any national forum
-weakness in policy perceptions
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There are various causes of low productivity in India like general factors, institutional factors and technological factors.
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Various land reforms measures
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Natural factors
technological factors
institutional factors
economic factors
and social factors

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