Explain Different Causes Of Low Agriculture Yield In Pakistan.


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Logging salinity
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There are different caused of low agriculture yield in Pakistan. These are subdivision of land and fragmentation of holding, water logging and salinity of land, natural calamities, plant diseases of crops, less amount of fertilizer, inferior quality of seeds used, defective land tenure system of our country, lack of irrigation facilities, less credit, no proper rotational crops, lack of devotion and hard work, litigation in rural areas etc.

The law of inheritance has resulted in the subdivision and fragmentation of land in the country. The units of cultivation are very small. New techniques and machinery cannot be used. There is a problem of water logging and salinity in our agriculture sector. Waterlogged land becomes out of cultivation and salinity affected land gives low output per hectare.

Agriculture is exposed to natural calamities. Floods, hailstorms, dust storms, draught and pests are very frequent in Pakistan. Our major crops wheat, rice, cotton and sugar cane affected by plant diseases. Small farmers cannot control these diseases. Curl virus has reduced the cotton production significantly. The amount of fertilizer used in our agriculture is very low as compared to other countries. Poor farmers cannot purchases expensive fertilizer for various crops.

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