Is Turkey Hot In December?


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Depending on what part of the country you're in (easter, middle, or western), the temperature range is quite varied.  Here are the general areas, and what weather is related to them during the year:

  • Marmara coasts - Istanbul city: Hot summers and mild winters.
  • Aegean coasts - Izmir city: Same as above
  • Mediterranean coasts - Antalya city: Same as above
  • Black Sea coast -Trabzon city: Temperate climate, warm summers, mild winters and relatively high rainfall.
  • Central Anatolia - Ankara city: Steppe climate with hot, dry summers; cold winters.
  • Eastern Anatolia - Erzurum city: Long snowy, cold winters and mild summers.
  • Southeast Anatolia - Diyarbakir city: Hot summer, mild and rainy winters.
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Turkey is big enough. Hard to say in general. In most regions the climate is mild but somewhere you can face heavy rainfalls. For instance, hardly your flight from Antalya will be cancelled because of downpours but things happen. The South and the West are quite warm in general, Central and East Anatolian is severer but not extremely.

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