Ways in which organisms differ from each other?


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Organisms differ in the composition of cell organells and cell type as earlier told by rohit sunny prokaryotes and eukaryotes .
They differ becoz the diffrence in dna strands and its formation
they differ becoz of their habitat
they differ becoz of their diffrence in adaptation capiblity
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If you mean the first - a cell is a single unit of life, whereas an organism is a collection of cells, arranged into one living being. Most cells cannot function on their own, and need cells of different kinds to do different jobs (with the exception of single celled bacteria).
If you mean the second -
There are many ways in which both cells and organisms differ from each other. Just referring to cells first of all - there are two groups that a cell comes under - Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes. Eukaryotes are cells that do have a nucleus, whereas prokaryotes don't.
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