How Organisms Differ From Non-living Things?


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rafael nampelah answered
We are living organisms,we move,reproduce,grow,irritate,excrete but non-living organisms can not do any of the above
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Because all living  things have a cellular organization, contain similar chemicals organization , contained similar chemicals, use energy ,grow and develop, respond to their surroundings, and reproduce but nonliving  are something that can't breath and it can't move by it self, but a non living thing cannot reproduce
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yamuna paudel answered
They differ from non livings becoz of :
They hav conciousness
they are able to grow (internal factors)
they hav metabolism inside their cells
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tony baloney answered
Living things have genes.
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Gantabya Prasad answered
No organisms are not non living things because they don't breathe,eat,move etc which is the characterstic properties of living things

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