How did farming develop and spread worldwide?


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Farming is actually something that was devised by multiple cultures.

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Farming began when the nomadic people began to settle down. Some will call this an evolutionary tactic wherein the human being sharpened this skill over time and begun to learn about making homes permanent rather than following the food. Several cultures can be shown to have switched from being nomadic to being stationary over time. The first Native Americans for example slowly evolved from nomads to permanent homes, though not all of the various tribes did this.

The earliest humans that can be traced were definitely nomadic using caves and other shelters in the environment. It is impossible to say with any certainty that any one of the early humans started farming.

Farming has developed from those early cultures as equipment and irrigation have come about. It is true that farming developed in nations such as Europe and the UK from the Romans and Greeks.

The Romans and Greeks gained some of their knowledge from the Egyptians such as how to make baths. It is most likely that the modern way of farming started with the Egyptians who had baths and water systems such as irrigation. From there as the Greeks and Romans learned traveling around the world, especially the Romans, the knowledge of farming spread.

There were still things to learn from other cultures such as the Native Americans. Europeans who first landed in America were able to learn about certain foods from the Native Americans that they did not know about before. It started a new trading of goods and thus new farming techniques were learned.

As cultures are able to speak globally with ease, farming techniques become more widespread and other cultures adopt the better techniques than what they already have.

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