Can You Summarize Each Of The Major Theories Of Biology?


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The four central types of biological theories include Darwin's theory of natural selection, which specifies that each living organism will adapt over the centuries and eras. This theory is related to the scientific concept of evolution of the species, and scientist Charles Darwin's studies were pivotal in the understanding of human and animal evolution. Anthropology also helped greatly with the study of evolution and natural selection, as they uncovered bones, including skulls, from prehistoric creatures and primates.

Other Major Theories
  • Another central concept of biology is the theory of inheritance, which was the creation of scientist Gregor Mendel. Mendel's hypothesis centered on the concept of Genetic make-up being passed down through generations of living organisms. Mendel studied pea plants to prove his hypothesis, which can be applied to any sort of species.
  • Cell theory is the third central concept of biology, and it was created by a trio of German scientists, named Theodor Schwann, Matthias Schleiden, and Rudolph Virchow. In this scientific theory, which is one of the principle building blocks in the study of biology, all living things are composed of cells that may be single cell or multi-cell. The cells are created from pre-existing cellular structures, and they continue to multiply over time.
  • The fourth great scientific theory of biology is homeostasis, which is centered on the principle that cells can maintain equilibrium by adapting their physiological processes within a living organism.
Many biology students learn about the central four theories of biology while studying in high school classrooms or libraries. There are many ways to become familiar with these important scientific breakthroughs, and they ways they have revolutionized the study of biology. In university or college, students refine their knowledge of the four theories, and begin to use them to make their own scientific hypotheses and discoveries.

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