Can the universe create itself from nothing?


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I would not argue with hawkins. But l don't buy it how can nothing come from nothing? I think there is perèct order in the universe.
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Yes - it did once, and it will again, though hopefully not in *my* lifetime!
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Who cares about "your" lifetime, it's mine I have concern for.
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Oh, so you agree with Stephen Hawking, extremely prudent of you Stewart.
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Why are we here?
How did this universe come to be?
Does Consideration takes rank over mechanics, or is it the other way around?

An answer was put into action in 1950. I will try to answer this question for you, but it will be a long road and I hope you can understand.
First place yourself in a room and stand with your back to the wall. Look around you and notice all the objects in the room. Take a tennis ball and bounce it onto the floor and let it hit the wall in front of you. Now as the ball is bouncing back to you, catch it. Your hand, the ball and everything in the room including the walls are objects in the physical universe we will call Mass or Mater. They are made up of molecules, atoms, whatever. Most of the objects in the room will seem to be motionless, but really they are not.
Bear with me, as I am taking you down the road to answer your question. Next, when you throw the ball against the wall, all the moving parts in the room is moving mass we call energy. Some will ask questions about this energy and what caused its start, and I will cut to the chase and just say, you did it by decision. The point is that objects can move from one point to another.
Next is the space in which all this is taking place. Look at the two upper corners of the room and also notice the two lower corners of the room. Now with that notice from where you are looking FROM. This is important you get this. From your view point to the corners you will notice that there is space in between.
Now for this last one call TIME. Time really just appears to exist because of the objects around you stay from one moment to the next. If nothing moved, it would be hard to judge the amount of time that has gone by.
Ok, we have mater, energy, space and time. Now if you will take all that away, what do you have? Some call it a static. You will have nothing not even blackness. So what do we have?
Hang in there; I am getting closer to your answer. What can exist without MEST? Can an idea, opinion, concepts, or even considerations be without MEST? What is reality? How does someone get an idea to become a reality?
When you get an idea, what do you do with it? You share it with others. Others what? Are you communicating with other beings capable of ideas, opinions, or considerations? Are you a super sales person? Can you convince others of your idea? Can you get them to agree with you? If you can, your Idea will become a reality. Reality is agreement. The more beings that agree with your idea the more real your idea becomes.
This universe and many others are built on agreement. If you want to play, you must agree to the rules. One of the main rules is that you must agree not to know the truth. If you know the truth you cannot play, and you end up ether not playing any game, start your own game or pretend to not know the truth about the game you want to play in. Even if you start your own game you still have to not know otherwise you will not be playing a game. A game can only be fun when you have unknowns about the game and your opponents.
If you knew everything about the chess game and your opponents, what would the point be? You end up with NO game.
Oh, and by the way your purpose in this universe is to put order in what you consider to be chaos.
Really it does not matter about what I say just have fun because you will continue playing in this universe dead or alive.
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No. Only a god can do that. For me ,god is the ultimate scientist and our continuing evolution is part of the developmental process leading us towards his creation. Only he knows when we will reach the point of completion and ultimate realisation.  Every time I hear of a scientific breakthrough that will (according to the scientists) answer all lifes questions, I imagine god is smiling at them. They never seem to realise that every new door they open leads them to several new ones. Who says that when certain  gases or chemicals mix they must behave in a certain way.  The very rules that govern these were created by the ultimate scientist.  Human life is only at an embryonic stage in its development as is our universe. We are on a journey to reach gods final design and our brief existence is but a mere heartbeat in the eyes of god. :)
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Logically shouldnt one ask can anything be created from nothing.    It appears not.
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Nope.  Plain and simple there has to be some matter to start out with.  Since matter is eternal we are the leftovers from some previous iteration of the universe.
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First prove or define how your able to identify this nothing to me and ill explain in doing so you actually created something from nothing. Let that marinate a bit
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God can create anything out of nothing.  We can't.  Us puny humans do NOT have that kind of POWER.  HE is the ONLY being in the entire cosmos who do such an act.

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