How Was The Universe Created ?


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There are a whole bunch of answers to this question that vary greatly. In many cultures, the beginning is a mythological story. The two most commonly accepted theories along the average person would be:
  • The Big Bang Theory: The idea that all energy in the universe was once confined to a singularity, and then that singularity started to expand. The massive outburst of energy was very intense, and under those conditions, energy was converted into matter (as proven by Einstein's famous equation E = MC2
  • Creationism: The idea that the entire universe was created at the hands of an intelligent being.
Not to be bias, but the Big Bang Theory has much more supporting evidence than creationism. Due to even more proof piling on, many Christians are accepting both the Big Bang theory, and the idea that God had something to do with the universe's creation.
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The creation of universe is a myth in many cultures. But most people accept the big bang theory for the creation of universe. The basic idea of big bang is that universe expanded from dense initial stage and hot at finite time during past and still continues.
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I am avoiding to give religious logics about creation of universe. Scientifically, the most acceptable theory is big bang theory. This theory states that the universe has expanded from hot and dense conditions in the beginning at some finite time. The big bang theory was given in the 19th century but same theory is given in Quraan (Holy Book of Muslims) 1400 years ago. For more details visit, Big bang theory.
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There are many theories about how the universe had begun, but one of the most popular theories are the big bang and god had created the universe.
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This theme song from the show the big bang theory may help.
after the big bang there were many different epochs which all had there important factors in creating the universe.

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