Can You Describe Communication Skills Both Written And Verbal?


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Oral communication skills are a set of abilities enabling individuals to become confident and competent speakers or communicators, particularly when it comes to talking in the workplace..

Rather than thinking of oral communication skills as the ability to make a speech, although that is an undoubted bonus to oral communication, it is important to consider both informal and formal uses of communication within a situation. The three core elements of OC are thinking critically, communicating effectively and the ability to collaborate and work as a member of a team.

Politeness and civility, through good manners and asking the right questions in a neutral or inquisitive tone of voice, without being possessive, dominating or demanding, is crucial to good oral communication. Written Communication involves expressing yourself clearly, using language with precision, constructing a logical argument, taking notes methodically, quickly and accurately, as well as editing and summarising, and composing reports.

Essay writing demands proper conveyance of meaning and content so as to evade ambiguities and be clear and concise. There are three main elements to written communication, which are content, structure and style. There are various stylistic registers which are determined by the object of the writing. If it is a formal presentation, one must avoid using colloquial expressions as would be used in an informal, personal letter.

Structure and layout can be learned in a relatively short time, but learning how to write good quality content takes much longer; the former implies paragraphing and keeping sense within each thought strand, and layout is useful when it comes to writing letters, reports or investigations.
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Oral (verbal) communication may be face to face (when we meet someone) or over the telephone. Where as written communication is may be sent by mail or transmitted electronically
In the business industry; Employers tend to seek for professional employees who are competent and proficient with communication abilities such as to communicate with the ability to write and speak comfortably in public circles.
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Communication skills are what we use to transfer information and knowledge between each other. We conduct this transference in the form of verbal and non-verbal messages. Examples of communication skills include control of body language, active listening, accurate vocabulary use, and sufficient time spacing when speaking.

For more information on the development of effective communication skills and interpersonal communication skills there are many in-depth online resources available.
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Just how well someone communicates with others or how well one expresses themselves to others
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Written communication skills include conveying your message effectively through written expressions such as by writing essays, paras, letters, paragraphs, articles etc. Verbal communication includes spoken skills, communication skills, speech, language skills etc. For developing these skills, one should void redundancy, verbosity, employ clarity in speech (both oral and written), should have command on language, tenses, grammar, pronunciation, should have fluency in oral communication. By developing all these skills, one can improve his communications skills. The sole purpose of both the communications is to convey the message to the receiver clearly. For getting proficiency in these skills, try to participate in extra curricular activities such as presentation competitions, speech, debate competitions etc. I personally have won several prizes in such competitions and they actually helped me a lot in improving my communication skills.
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Its the type of communication that deals with the words,it could be in written form or spoken language.where ever we need to communicate or we are of the thought to make our feelings understood we use  words,thus this type of communication is referred as verbal communication

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