Can You Describe The Communication Models?


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Communication model of a communication system describes various processes going on in the communication. It shows all the processes required for the communication. You have asked about the communication models but have not mentioned what type of communication model you would like to have like we have digital communication model, analogue communication model etc. In general, a communication process can be shown with three blocks only. The communication model for a simple communication process consists of three blocks only. 1st is the source block or the sender block. The sender is required to send the information.

There is a medium required for the transmission. So the second block in the simple communication model is medium through which we send the information. The third and the final block is the receiver block or the destination block which requires the information. In this way we complete our most simple communication model. Remember this is the simplest communication model of a general communication system. There are other blocks like modulation, decoding, filters etc. also present in other communication models but they require the specification and type of the communication model according to which we describe them. If you require any other communication model, you may ask about that particular model.
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The best known is the transmission model, but there is a lot of information available about this. You can find a list of well known communications here (you have to click on it and then you can open a word document) or if you put 'communication models' in a search engine you can find several articles.

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