How Does Non Verbal Communication Affect The Impact You Have On Other People?


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Nonverbal communication can positively or negatively affect the impact we have on others. People who use gestures and body movement with their speech tend to interest the listener more powerfully. People pick up on 'body language'. If one does not control their negative attitudes and show signs of dislike or disapproval, that could negatively impact the people around. Things like rolling of the eyes, tapping impatiently on a table, folding the arms in a locked position, and facial expressions will tell those around you, what you are thinking. On the other hand, tilting ones head slightly, looking people in the eye, smiling and gesturing in a friendly manner will make people feel good about you.
It's a very evasive way of communicating that causing others to feel as though you are misleading, misrepresented, and most certainly an uninforming type of person or introverted individual. It's imperative in life's challenges to communicate verbally to ensure concise, accurate communication with others and when you are allowing yourself to be non-verbal in the way(s) in which you communicate you are causing more problems and issues for a situation that normally do not have to exist.

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