How Are Listening,verbal And Written Communication Skills Applied?


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I'm not sure I understand the question exactly, but maybe I can help.

Listening Skills being applied means: If someone asked you to do a task or several tasks, how well you listened is applied.
Can you do those tasks without writing them down, can you be diligent in completing those tasks? How well you listened will show your Listening Skills are being applied.

Verbal Skills being applied means to me: "How well do you speak?"
Are you pronouncing your words correctly?
Are you using too much slang, are you saying phrases in between speaking? Like, Umm & you know what I mean?

Written communication skills means:
Can you write according to what you were taught in English class or Communication Skills class.
Do you know the rules to follow for commas? How to draft a letter correctly? How well are your writing skills being applied?

I probably just confused you and did not mean to, but that's a really broad question that requires specific answers... Hope I helped a little anyway.

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