Explain Nature And Importance Of Research?


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Nature is that which is all around us. It is plants and animals and we see it everywhere we go. However, more and more research has to be done for many different reasons. There are many different charities which are working to ensure that this research can be carried out and that it is going to continue to be carried out as much as possible in the future.

· The destruction of natural habitat

Nature needs to be preserved to stop the natural habitats of animals from being destroyed to make way for many different things. The research is done to see how much damage is being cause to different plants and animal species which are going to be killed and even wiped out by the destruction.

· Pollution

Pollution is also destroying nature, and more the research that can be done to ensure that people can see the damages of this, the better. It is argued that pollution needs to be cut down to ensure that the plants and animals that we have in the wild can continue to thrive without any problems,

· Poaching

This is something that is taken very seriously. Nature has many different animals which are all being killed for their skin and bones to sell on to the different markets. The research that has been done have ensured that this is now illegal, which has been a great step for the leaders in the research that is done.

There are many different reasons as to the nature is important and why the research is also important. Without nature and plants there would be no oxygen in the air and we would be surrounded by carbon dioxide. Without nature there would just be use and a load on concrete everywhere we looked, which isn't ideal for anyone in the world.

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