What Is The Difference Between Group Communication And Individual Communication?


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The terms group and individual communication may apply to numerous settings; these include schools, businesses, daily life, social life, professional life and others. In both instances, one needs the other.

Group communication refers to a group of people talking or discussing an issue. This group may consist of two people or more and there is no limit on the number of participants that can be included in the group. A group communication may be centered on a number of things.

The group may be having an intellectual discussion, such as politics and religion or something more mundane. Although there may be a leader who does the most talking and sets up the path of communication for the group, all or most of the participants would have the opportunity to communicate their ideas and opinions on the subject at hand. In a group communication, everyone gets a chance to speak and each speaker is reverential so as to take turns in speaking.

Individual communication is how you choose to present yourself in a group communication. This is your way of speaking, your use of words, your use of tone, anything that you do to get your voice heard. Individual communication may include defensive speaking. This means that when in a group communication, you tend to be all about you; making sure that not only do you win the argument, but also have everyone on your side, and no one against you. Though such communications are extraneous in all respects; an individual will always assert their individuality to some degree.
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Group communication would be that communication that takes place between large number of people, or groups, and individual communication is between one person and one other person.
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Gender differences in group communication

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