The World's Largest And Smallest River Island Is On The River Brahmaputra In Assam , India . What Are Names Of The Islands?


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Assam is famous for two of its famous river islands. Majuli the largest largest and Umananda is the smallest river island in the world. Majuli is located on the Brahmaputra river. It is famous for its Vaishnava culture and has many monasteries such as Kamalabari, Natun Kamalabari, Garmur, Samoguri, Auniati, Dakhinpat and Bengenaati. These monasteries are also centers for art, music, dance, drama, handicrafts, literature and religion pertaining to Assamese culture. Auniati has a good collection of old Assamese utensils, jewellery and other handicrafts.
Majuli is at a distance f about 2.5 kilometres from Assam. It has about 243 villages of different sizes.

The river island of Umananda has a famous Shiva temple. Lord Shiva is one of the most prominent deities of Hinduism. A huge number of visitors and devotees come to Umanada to pay their homage at this temple. As it is located in the middle of the Brahmaputra river, people have to take ferry services available from the Umanada Ghat to reach the temple.
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A very recent study conducted by us shows that UMANANDA is not the smallest River Island of the world, rather, it is another small island in the River Barak (in Assam, India). Please extend all sorts of your help, so that this faci (Still not known to the world) can be brought to the notice of all concerned
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The distace of the Island has been shown to be 2.5 kms from Assam, as if the Island is not in Assam. So this is to be corrected in the website which otherwise would be a wrong representation.
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world's smallest river island is the Umananda on the river mighty
Brahmaputra. Even the world's largest river island is on the river
Both are in NorthEast India(Assam).

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