Price Of Copper Per Pound In Park Hills Missouri?


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The price you will obtain for scrap copper depends on what grade of copper you have.  Please also keep in mind that the price of copper fluctuates on a daily basis.  As of Jan 18, 2009 here are some price ranges you can expect for scrap copper in your area:

No.1 Heavy Scrap Copper  1.16  to 1.31  lbs  USD  
No.2 Scrap Copper  1.02   1.17  lbs  USD  
Light Scrap Copper  0.87   1.02  lbs  USD  
  No.1 Bare Bright Copper Wire  1.19   1.34  lbs  USD  
No.1 Copper Wire Scrap  1.13   1.28  lbs  USD  
No.2 Copper Wire Scrap  1.02   1.17  lbs  USD  


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