Which Side Of Body Is The Colon Located Or Where Is Is Located In Reference To Intestines?


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The colon (the large intestine) is located as shown in the picture.  The small intestine is located in the area which is surrounded by the colon in this image.
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It makes up almost a complete square-shape area both in the front mid-lower abdomen and the lower left side of the back.. Everywhere, except when it empties to the anus, it is shielded (effectively) by abdominal muscles, and sometimes parts of the small intestines.

A pregnant woman's womb also rises above the intestines.

The small intestines (which do most of the job of absorbing food) fill up most of our lower "tummy" area. They end on the mid-lower right side, where they empty any remaining food into the colon (large intestine). The appendix is a small appendage on the lower side of the colon, right at this joining point. The job of the colon is to squeeze remaining water and electrolytes out of the food material and to expel that plus other bodily wastes (filtered out by the liver).

From the join with the small intestine, the colon moves up the right side and slightly backwards, then across the front (just below the stomach) to one's left side, then down the left side (going backwards) to the top of the buttocks, then it slightly curves to meets the rectum (the bowels).
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The colon (aka the large intestine) is located in the area shown in this image.  The area surrounded by the colon in this image is filled by the small intestine.
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It is a part of the large intestine, which means it is under the right hip and is the final section of bowel

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