What Side Is The Pancreas Located In Human Body?


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The pancreas is located in the middle of your body, not really to the left or the right. It lies underneath the stomach and parts of it are directly behind the stomach so it is rather central and with its long shape, it spans to both sides of the body relatively equally.

The pancreas is a gland organ that works with the digestive system to break down what you eat, digest foods and work on taking in nutrients. The pancreas itself does not take in nutrients from food. This is done in the stomach and the small intestine.

The main job of this gland organ is to produce different hormones that aid in digestion and the breakdown of food. These are insulin, glucagons and somatostatin. These hormones help to regulate what goes into your blood. You may have heard of insulin and glucagons from diabetics as they have to provide their own insulin into the body because their pancreas does not make enough of it. This keeps the levels correct so that there is not a disproportionate amount of glucagons in the bloodstream which is potentially very harmful.

Another thing that the pancreas produces is pancreatic juice. This doesn't sound very nice but it is the juice that breaks down all of your food. This is created in the pancreas and passed through the lining of the small intestine. When this is released into the small intestine, its qualities help it to break down the fats, proteins and carbohydrates that are in your small intestine so that your food can be digested, nutrients can be absorbed and then it can be excreted as waste. The pancreas is a very important part of your digestive system.
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