Where Is The Longest Bone In The Human Body Located?


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It is femur bone, which is the long bone of the upper leg.
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The longest bone in the human body is located in the thigh. Named the 'femur', this bone makes up almost one quarter of the human body's total height!
The leg bones are generally considered to the longest as well as the strongest bones in our body. The reason is that when we stand or when we walk, our legs would have to bear almost the entire weight of our body, and this means that unless they are strong, our legs would not be able to bear our weight with ease.
The human leg is made up of four bones, of which three are long and strong: the femur, tibia and fibula. The fourth bone is a tiny one: the kneecap, also known as the patella. This bone also serves the purpose of protecting the knee from injury.
The femur is by far the longest, as well as one of the strongest bones in the human body.
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That is the femur, and it is located in your upper thigh.
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The upper leg (thigh) bone  called the femur.
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The biggest bone in the human body is the pelvis or hip bone. The longest one is the femur bone in your thigh. The pelvis bone has more mass than femur. As far as the question about the largest bone is concerned, I think the answer would be the femur bone.
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That would be the femur.
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The largest bone is the femur.  (That is the long bone in the upper thigh... Below the hip and above the knee.)

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