Why Does The Human Body Need Iodine?


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In moderation, iodine plays a vital role in the upkeep of our bodies. This is because iodine is main ingredient to help our body to produce important hormones that help sustain our thyroid gland.

It does this by generating thyroid hormones that keeps our metabolism running at a steady rate. Not only that, but iodine also assists development and growth of the body; especially in younger children.

If you are not taking in an adequate amount of iodine, then you run the risk of developing an iodine deficiency. This could them prompt the thyroid gland to swell as it tries to create the two iodide hormones: Triiodothryonine and thyroxine. This then causes further swelling of the neck or larynx; more commonly known as the voice box. This is a condition known as goitre and statistics show that around 90% of people suffering with this condition developed it as a result of an iodine deficiency.

Another condition that can be developed as a result of a malfunctioning thyroid is hypothyroidism. Again, when the thyroid is not creating enough of the two previously mentioned hormones, the condition could begin to manifest. It has been suggested that this could lead to a greater risk of thyroid cancer.

Iodine is also a vital part of a child’s upbringing because it encourages growth and development. If a child were to develop an iodine deficiency, scientists suggest this could contribute to a child becoming mentally retarded.

The best natural sources for iodine in your diet are quite simple. Eating seafood, eggs, iodized salts and vegetables such as kelp and spinach can help give you healthy amount of iodine in your diet.
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Iodine is actually much needed by the body in small amounts. An iodine deficiency may cause the thyroid gland to enlarge (causing goitre) or mental retardation in children. In the long run, hypothyroidism may develop and there would be an increased risk of thyroid cancer.

Our body needs iodine to make thyroid hormones. These hormones help regulate the metabolic rate of the body and promote growth and development. Two of the iodide hormones are thyroxine and triiodothyronine. In case of iodine deficiency, the thyroid gland enlarges as it is trying to make as much of these hormones as possible.

Some good sources of iodine are eggs, seafood, kelp and iodized salt.
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much info on iodine and health issues caused by a lack of sufficient iodine in
our body. Each cell needs iodine to function properly. However, today we
have fluoride additives in our toothpaste, water and foods that displace or make
ineffective the iodine in our bodies, causing our thyroid to malfunction, grow a
goiter and even cause our adrenal glands to shut down. Other additives in our
foods, like bromide, added to breads and cakes destroy iodine as well.
Dr.'s and Dentist's push to have fluoride added to our water supply which causes
us to get ill and have medical and dental problems. This keeps their jobs secure.

Fluoride is an acid and dangerous to the human body. Iodine is a natural mineral
that our bodies require for survival.

tells how 22% plus of American children have fluorosis of the teeth because they
ingest it when brushing their teeth and consume it when drinking water, or milk
or ingest it in the foods that contain it.
tells about how people have "brittle bone" from too much fluoride. Sound like

FLUORIDE is NOT healthy for humans

IODINE is necessary and healthy for humans

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