What's The Length Of Italy?


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The entire length of the Republic of Italy is 1,185 km or 736 miles. It extends over a total land area 301,230 square km or 116,306 square miles. It is located in south Europe and includes some islands like Sardinia and Sicily. It is slightly bigger than the American state of Arizona. The shape of Italy's mainland has been compared to the shape of a boot. The frontiers of Italy also include The Vatican City and the Republic of San Marino both of which constitute sovereign states.

Its capital is Rome which is situated in the western central area of Italy. Its name Italy is probably derived from and Aeolic Homeric word meaning 'calf'. The first settlers in what is now Italy were of Greek origin. Archaeological excavations have revealed that there were human settlements in Italy right form the Paleolithic Period which was approximately 200,000 years ago. Italy has been home to many extensive and influential civilizations like Magna Graecia, Etruscan and the mighty Roman republic. During the Renaissance, Italy played a significant role in the spread and development of European art and science.

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