What Is The Height Of Alps In Italy?


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The Italian Alps vary in height. The highest mountain to be located in the Alps would be Mont Blanc, standing lofty at 4,808 metres (that is, 15,774 ft), on the prominent French-Italian border. Mont Blanc falls under Mont Blanc Massif range. You have other assorted heights such as Ortler belonging to Ortler Alps range in Italy at 3905 metres. You even have Monte Bondone, down the ranking at 2180 metres belonging to Dolomites range in Italy.

The Italian Alps, are where four different languages are spoken (that is, Italian, German, as well as French, and Ladin). It's where cultures meet, being home to breathtaking and spectacular scenery. It's enjoyed by sports enthusiasts, mountaineers, nature-lovers and holiday makers alike. There are essentially six Italian Regions which overlook the Alps.

The Italian Government Tourist Board helps visitors in this regard. Visit for details.
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The Alps in Italy are basically separated into two parts, the Western Alps and the Eastern Alps. They separate on the line between Lake Constance and Lake Como, next to the Rhine. The western Alps are generally higher thought their central chain is shorter and curved and are found in countries like Italy, France and Switzerland.

The Eastern Alps Come under Austria, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovenia and Switzerland. The uppermost peak of Western Alps is Mont Blanc which is around 4,808 meters approximately 15,774 ft and the uppermost peak in the Eastern Alps id Piz Bernina which is around 4,052 meters that is approximately 13,294 ft. The Alps basically is the principal mountain range system in entire Europe. There are many small mountains which run along the main chain of Alps.
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