Who Are The Foreigner Scientist In Biology?


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By foreign scientists, I presume that you mean scientists who were born outside of the United States of America. Three foreign biologists who made remarkable contributions to the field of biology are: Ivan Pavlov, who also contributed to psychology, Charles Darwin, most famous for his book 'The Origin of Species', and Hans Krebs, who identified the Krebs cycle, which takes place inside the human body.

Below are further details about these scientists and their contributions.

• Ivan Pavlov

Pavlov was a Russian physicist who was dedicated to studying the biological field, more specifically the digestive system and the circulation of the blood in the human body. Pavlov was also contributed greatly to the field of psychology for his research on operant conditioning. His study named 'Pavlov's Dogs' is still looked at and learned today. He discovered that dog's salivated when they saw food, and so trained them to become accustomed to hearing the sound of a bell when there was food available. Eventually, he had conditioned them to salivate at the sound of a bell ringing, even when there was no food by the long process of operant conditioning. This research also had an influence on popular culture as the phrase 'Pavlov's Dog' is now used to talk about someone who reacts without thinking critically.

• Hans Adolf Krebs

Krebs' most famous discovery was the citric acid cycle and the urea cycle, which are thought to be two of the most important cycles in our bodies, along with the other essentials. The citric acid cycle is also known as the Krebs Cycle which is the name commonly used in schools shows the steps of metabolic chemical reactions that occur and allow cells to produce energy.

• Charles Darwin

Darwin was an English biologist who came up with the theory of natural selection to explain how we evolved to survive on this planet. He published his book 'The Origin of Species' in 1859. Although Darwin's work was considered to be controversial at the time, his findings changed the world and the way scientists perceive it.
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Charles darwin

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