Is It True That Lighters Were Invented Before Matches?


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Yes it is true that lighter were invented before matches, the modern match box was created by British Chemist John Walker in the year 1827, where as the cigarette lighter was created eleven years prior in the year 1816 by German chemist J.W. Dobereiner.

A lighter basically is a handy device often used to create a flame. It is made up of a metal or plastic container which has been filled up with lighter fluid, along with a means of ignition and certain provision for extinguishing the flame, either by cutting out the air supply or fuel.

A butane lighter flame averages heat up to 750 degrees Celsius. Lighters applying naphtha normally have a wick which is immersed in to the fluid and becomes saturated.
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No. In some definitions, the match actually fits the right description as the Chinese scholars describe from 577 AD. The match was invented long before the lighter. Btw check out sutty on youtube

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NO!!! The match was in 1669 by Robert Boyle.

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