Who Invented The Bike?


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A Bicycle is basically a two wheeled human powered vehicle. Bicycles were a common mode of transportation and are still widely used all around the world, especially in environmental conscious people.

Bicycle is one of those inventions that has taken its present form after contributions from many inventors. The first version of Bicycle had been the Push bike. Karl Von Drais was the inventor of these two wheeled vehicles. He introduced these push bikes in 1817 in Mannheim.

Later on in 1860, Pierre Michaux and Pierre Lallement, two inventors from France, designed the current form of bicycle. However, the design had an enlarged front wheel.
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Well I think it RICHARD PEARSE because he had invented the airplane but before he tested it he also had made other little thing's including the bike.My proof is that people hated him and thought he went crazy for thinking that he could make these thing's until they found his plan's and saw that he already made them. [He died before they found his plan's].
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I don't know who actually made it but he was a genius!

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I don't know who actually made it but he was a genius!

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The wright brothers invented the bike, biplane, and car.

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There is some historical evidence that the Egyptians had some sort of two-wheeled contrivance that was set in motion by the feet of the rider. But for practical purposes, the beginnings of the bicycle can be mentioned to1817. In that year Baron von Drais, a German introduced a machine called "the draisine", sooner the two wheels of draisine were connected by a wooden bar. The developed form of "the draisien" became famous in the name of "the dandy horse", and it was quite preferred to King George IV of England. Macmillan, a Scotsman took an old dandy horse and put cranks on the axle of the rear wheel and those were connected by driving rods with pedals in the front about 1840, with his own invention he was arrested for "furious driving".

The word bicycle was used first in 1865. A Frenchman Lallement joined cranks and pedals to the front wheel of a velocipede much like the dandy horse. It was called "boneshakers". Light metal wheels with wire spokes and solid rubber tires were introduced in 1868. Sooner a new type of bicycle named "the ordinary" appeared. In this type the front wheel were unusually larger than rear wheel.

Finally in 1885, the modern safety bicycles were developed and in that type the wheels were equal sized.
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Karl Drais, a german inventor invented the very first bicycle. He was born in April 29, 1785 in Karlsruhe and he was a democrat. From 1803 to 1805, Drais studied architecture, agriculture and physics at the Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg. He joined the civil service as forestry official and in 1810 received the title of a chief forest ranger, but was not yet assigned an adequate position. One year later he was suspended from active service, but continued to receive his salary so that he could devote more time to his inventions. He invented a velocipede, the earliest form of a two-wheeler-without pedals. His first reported ride from Mannheim to Rheinau ( took place on June 12, 1817. In the same year, he undertook his second trip from Gernsbach to Baden-Baden and further ones. He died in December 10, 1851.
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German, Gottlieb Daimler invented the first gas-engined motorcycle in 1885.
These "motorcycles" were ordinary pedal bikes with small steam engines on the FRONT tire...thankfully the internal combustion engine was developed in Germany in 1876 then spawned the Motorcycle in 1885
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The bike or bicycle took shape over a number of years with various innovations being made in its shape and locomotion principle. Karl Drais (1785-1851) a German aristocrat is credited with being the inventor of the bicycle; his invention a forbearer of the modern bicycle was known as Laufmaschine (running machine) or velocipede and was later nick named as dandy horse.

The Laufmaschine resembled the bicycle in some ways though the first prototypes did not have pedals which were added later; it had a wooden frame and wheels and the rider had to push the bicycle with his feet to gain momentum. The Laufmaschine was displayed at an exhibition in Paris in 1818.

The bicycle design was further improved by the father and son duo of Pierre and Ernest Michaux who hailed from France and are credited with inventing the pedals and cranks in 1861. The Penny Farthing invented in 1871 by the British engineer James Starley was the one of the first bicycle to resemble the modern bike in several ways.
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This is preposterous forgein noncence besmutching the good name of Kirkpatrick McMillan of Dumfrieshire, Scotland, who invented ALL variants of the bike...FACT!!!

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