Why b negative blood group is considered as a rare one? Like in cases problem in finding a donor


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Because B negative blood type is comprising of only 2% of the world population...
B Negative Blood Type: Risks Apart from the fact that type B negative blood is rare, there are certain other risks involved. These risks are peculiar to all the negative blood groups. The main risk is during pregnancy, when the mother is Rh- and the fetus is Rh+. Human body has a tendency to build antibodies against anything that is foreign to our body. Naturally, baby's blood is no exception as it comprises of antigens from the father (which are foreign to the mother's body). In response to these antigens, the immune system builds antibodies of type IgG and IgM. The antibodies for the major blood groups ABO are of type IgM while those for Rh(D) are of type IgG. The antibodies of type IgM are large and cannot be transported through placenta, all the way to the baby. However, type IgG antibodies easily enter the placenta and are transferred to the baby, to attack his antigens. This can induce some risks for the baby, during the pregnancy and the mother, after the childbirth. These risk factors can be minimized by immunizing the mother with IgG antibodies in the third trimester of pregnancy.

B Negative Blood Type: Blood Donation B negative blood type people can only receive blood from either their own blood type donors or O negative donors. People with this blood type benefit the most from double cell blood donation type. It allows two units of double red blood cells to be donated at a time. Also, while donation it is necessary to match the race and ethnicity of the donor and the recipient.

These days, diet based on blood group types is gaining popularity. Thus, if you are a B negative person you sure want to know about B negative blood type diet. People with this blood type can benefit from eating meat and dairy products, while chicken and bacon should be avoided. Make the best of this information to attain a healthy lifestyle. Take care!

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