What does it mean when your red blood cells are enlarged?


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Perhaps you are referring to Macrocytosis:

Macrocytosis is the enlargement or expansion or red blood cells. Macrocytic anemia is derived from the Greek meaning "large cell". Macrocytic anemia is a type of blood with a shortage of hemoglobin (iron-containing, oxygen-conveying in red blood cells) and the normal erythrocytes (blood cell) is larger than the customary volume.

The primary cause is alleged to be alcohol abuse which often results in bone marrow dysplasia. Fundamentally, this is simply bone marrow attempting to recompense for any abnormality of the quantity of haemoglobin found in the blood (anaemia). However, other causes may comprise:

• Lacking Vitamin B12 or folate  (Megaloblastosis)
• A shortage thyroid hormone produced from the thyroid gland  (Hypothyroidism)
• A deficiency of immature red blood cells called reticulocytes  (Reticulocytosis)
• Liver Disease
• A collection of bone Marrow diseases which results in the body producing surplus cells  (Myeloproliferative diseases)
• Macrocytosis is frequently found in pregnancy, however, does not require any treatment as the woman will return to her normal state
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Macrocytosis is when red blood cells are enlarged. The causes of Macrocytosis are Vitamin B-12 deficiency, Folate deficiency, liver disease, alcoholism, and chemotherapy drugs. It may be necessary to remove a sample of blood marrow or to have a blood transfusion. I recommend seeing a licensed doctor and getting their thoughts on your next step.

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