Why did Hydrogen Peroxide react with the rust around the drain of my sink? It smoked or steamed, and smelled a little like sulphur.


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Hydrogen Peroxide reacts with the rust around the drain of your sink because it is a catalase reacting to the rust and exposed parts of your steel drain. It forms smoke or steam and smelled like sulphur because heat is produced during the process.

  • Where is hydrogen peroxide commonly found?

Hydrogen Peroxide is a common household name. It's a key ingredient in many household cleansing products such as bleach. It can effectively remove stains on your clothes as well as those found in sinks and tiled floors. Many homeowners rely on hydrogen peroxide to help them keep the floors and countertops clean and disinfected.

Aside from its role as an effective cleanser, hydrogen peroxide is also known for its therapeutic uses. It is an antimicrobial agent duly recognized by proper authorities such as the Food and Drug Administration. It is effective in washing or cleaning cuts and scrapes.  Hospitals widely use hydrogen peroxide to prevent infection from spreading.

  • Further household uses

Moreover, hydrogen peroxide can also be used as a toothpaste substitute once it's mixed with salt and baking soda. Many have tried and tested it to be an effective treatment for acne as well.

However, many people also believe that hydrogen peroxide can also be harmful especially to one's health. For starters, it should never be used as antiseptic. You can only apply it when cleaning or washing your wound but other than that, don't use it to treat wounds. Studies proved that it can damage newly born cells and therefore prevent faster healing of wounds. In addition, it can cause scarring as well.

Hydrogen Peroxide serves many purposes but we have to be responsible enough in using it. It should be used and stored properly. When used as a household cleaner, it's a must to follow the correct mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and other ingredients to ensure it will work.

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