What is erlenmayer flask?


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An Erlenmayer flask is commonly used in most scientific laboratories and is used to mix, measure and heat up liquids.

  • The Erlenmayer flask
The Erlenmayer flask was invented by a German chemist named Emil Erlenmayer in 1861, hence the reason it is called Erlenmayer. Usually made from clear glass, the Erlenmayer flask is also known as a conical flask due to its wide base, conical body and thin neck. This shape makes it easy to pour liquids yet still hold a considerable amount.

You will find that nearly all Erlenmayer flasks have measurement markings on the side of the glass. The Erlenmayer flask is predominantly used for mixing liquids, usually involving heating them up. The heat is normally generated from a Bunsen burner, which is placed underneath the flask that is positioned on a tripod with a gauze mat placed underneath.

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