What Is The Function Of Volumetric Flask?


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A volumetric flask is a piece of equipment that is generally used in laboratories to measure volumes of liquid.

  • The main function as mentioned above is the ability to measure the amounts of quantitative as well as chemical data that is found in certain substances. In order to do this the flask will be filled with a type of liquid and the volume will be measured. Then a substance will be added to the flask and the volume recorded again to see the difference, if any, in the data.
  • The flask can also be used for dissolving substances in specific liquids. This method is carried out if someone wants to find out what solutions can be produced if particular liquids and substances are mixed together. This flask is also used when two different liquids are chosen to be mixed together.
  • In addition, this particular piece of equipment can be used as a diluting system for concentrated liquid solutions such as various acids. The process would include a solution being entered into the flask along with clean water to achieve the concentration.
  • Lastly, the flask can be used to carry out a titration process which consists of an acid and a base being dripped into the flask drop by drop to mix together in order to reach a concentrated state.

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