What Is The Use Of Flat Bottomed Flask?


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Basically a flat bottomed flask is just like any other round bottomed flask but can be placed on a flat surface as the flask can sit upright on its own.

So what can a flat bottomed flask be used for?

  • When you have a few other flasks in use, having a flat bottomed flask that can be left free standing can be useful to free up your hands to do other things.
  • They can be used to mix liquids and carry out different chemical experiments just like their round bottomed counterparts. This may involve observing how different chemicals react to each other or when heated with a flame for example.
  • If you already mixed some components together and want to see how they react over the top of a Bunsen Burner, the flask can be left standing  upright on a stand that is covering the flame.  Due to the flat bottom of the flask, the heat can be distributed evenly throughout the liquid.
  • It can be used to store liquids in a fridge or other location as there is no risk of them falling over and spilling.

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