What Is The Function Of A Florence Flask?


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• What is a Florence Flask?
A Florence flask is also known as a boiling flask, which essentially, answers the question.  It is a long necked flask with a round bottom. Florence flasks do not have a ground glass finish at the top of the neck, having instead a curved or flanged edge instead. Flasks may be round bottomed or flat. Rounded flasks will require a stand to remain upright but are marginally better at distributing heat more evenly throughout a solution because they are rounded.

The rounded end of the Florence flask is made from thicker glass than the neck, allowing it to withstand the temperatures involved in heating solutions.

The flask is made to allow uniform heating of the solution inside it. It allows the solution to be swirled easily inside it without spillage thanks to the wide bottom and narrow neck. 

• What are they used for?
They are traditionally used in experiments to hold solutions of chemicals and heat them when needed. A common size of a Florence flask is around one liter, making them quite considerable pieces of glassware. 

• Why do they have this name?
Florence flasks are named for the city of their origin, Florence, in Italy. Some are made from borosilicate glass. This prevents the glass from defacing and helps in preventing cracks. Florence flasks originate from the 1735-1745 period, from Italy. 

• Care of a Florence Flask
A hot flask should never be placed on a cold surface as this may cause it to crack. They should be carefully inspected before use in case a crack is present. Needless to say, putting a cracked vessel over a heat source is not to be recommended. Certain chemicals may also damage the glass of the vessel.
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''used to put liquid''

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