What Are The Characteristics Of Metallic Bonds?


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The bond present between metals is known as metallic bond. In metallic bond, all the atoms lose their valence electrons. These free electrons are known as delocalized electrons. No electron is present in valence shells of atoms which are involved in metallic bond. Delocalized electrons bound the positive charges or nuclei of atoms. Metallic compounds are good conductor of heat and electricity. They can conduct electricity due to the presence of free or delocalized electrons.
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A metallic bond is an attraction between a positive metal ion and the electrons surrounding it
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Metallic bonds exhibits high electrical conductivity

The easy dislocation of electron allows a flow of electric current which accounts for its high electrical conductivity.
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High thermal and electrical conductivity.

Luster and high reflectivity.

Malleability and ductility. They can be beaten or shaped without fracture.

Variability of mechanical strengths (ranging from soft alkali metals to Tungsten, which is hard).


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