What Is The Purpose Of Hanging Drop Preparations?


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  The purpose to perform hanging drop experiment is to determine bacterial motility and to find the difference between true motility and Brownian movement. To try conducting this experiment you would require materials like, depression slide, cover slip, petroleum jelly and prefer broth medium which is less than 24 hours old. You can use broth medium of pseudomonas or Bacillus and E coli.

  Hanging drop is taught to students of science field, the experiment is a part of micro biology. There are many books available in the local market, which relates to micro biology and explains the entire process and purpose of hanging Drop experiments in detail.  You may refer to books like Pelczar, Freid Felder etc. You may also find websites that help you with the information on the experiment. You can try surfing through search engines like Google and yahoo to get more information. Or you can try logging on to> and also

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