How Do You Build A Volcano?


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Well making a volcano is extremely simple; I made one for my physics project. For making a volcano you'll be needing clay, a plastic bottle, paints, papers, candle wax, colors. All you have to do is take a firm base so that you can make a real looking volcano, now what you do is take a small plastic water bottle, the size of the bottle should be the length of your volcano. Now you cut the opener part of the bottle with the help of a pair of scissors, you will get a wider opening.

Now with the extra papers which you already have scramble them into big balls, like the ones you makes in the class to throw at your friends. After making these balls, you put them in the bottle and make sure they cover the space inside the bottle, and completely cover it up. Then you mix this bottle on the base where you want to make your volcano, and stick it up with glue and give it a firm support. Now with the help of clay, cover the surrounding of the base of the bottle so that it looks like the bottom of the mountain, and continue to make the mountain but make sure you don't cover the opening of the mountain where the bottle is. After making the mountain, you can paint it brown and let it dry up.

After sometime, take white candle wax and put it in a container over the stove and melt it, while the container in on the stove with a red colored crayon in it, this will help it to look red. After some time you take the melt red wax and pour it in the bottle inside the mountain, remember we had left an opening, you keep on filling it up until it comes up and pours of out the mountain, you can repeat this process with a orange and yellow color as well, to give it a more realistic effect. The wax will dry up within seconds and there your volcano is all ready.

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