How Much Damage Does An Earthquake Do?


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Direct disaster it has caused:
The destruction of buildings and structures, such as houses collapsed, bridges broken down, cracking dams, rail deformation and so on.
Surface damage, such as ground cracking, subsidence, water-jet to take sand.
The destruction of mountain and other natural objects, such as landslides, landslides and so on.
Tsunamis, huge waves caused by undersea earthquakes were driven ashore, causing coastal damage.
In addition, some large earthquake, there is the phenomenon of humans and animals to light burns.
Directly after the earthquake disaster will lead to a secondary disaster. Sometimes, secondary disasters caused casualties and damage, bigger than the direct disaster. 1932 Kanto earthquake, a direct result of the earthquake collapsed houses only 10,000, while the earthquake a fire has burned 700,000.
Secondary disasters caused by earthquakes are mainly;
Fire, the earthquake caused fire out of control;
Floods, the dam burst or landslides caused by congestion of waterways;
Gas leak, by the destruction caused by buildings or installations;
Plague, the living environment by the earthquake caused serious damage.
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That depends on where the epicenter is.
Iowa would expect to have less fatalities compared to NYC, NY.
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Sometimes a lot sometimes very little and sometimes no damage happens during an earthquake, it depends on how deep it is in the earth.

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