Why Is Bullfighting Considered Unethical?


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Bull fighting has for a major part of its recent history been subject to debate related to the ethically of the sport. Since the sport practiced in Spain and Portugal makes a display of murdering an animal it is considered unethical. Often times the slaughter of the bull is inevitable and is a gradual and slow process as it is stabbed or pierced repeatedly. These events have at times been banned in several countries and then reinstated due to their cultural significance. Opponents and activist believed that proving to the world that one has a barbaric and in human culture is not something positive or good for a nation. Even the history of the sport is believed to be barbaric with gladiators having to have fought animals to their death. Humans have also sustained serious injuries in Bull fighting over its history.
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Because the animal gets killed in the end, and the way in which it is killed is cruel, but its a tradition in spain

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