What Are The Five Types Of Unethical Behavior?


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Christina Madera Profile
I didn't know there were ONLY five of these-lol. There are MANY types of unethical behavior!

Right off the bat, I'd say 1) lying, 2) stealing 3) using someone 4) gossip

and 5) infidelity (being unfaithful).One I would add here is playing with a persons
emotions, getting them to think you'll do something(s)and then NEVER do them.
The list goes on and on-there are SO many,being abusive (which goes in with
using, etc.) , not defending someone you care about (friend, etc.) even if your
scared to do so.There really are too many to list here but I hope this helps. Finally,
I'd say being judgemental about others because none of us are perfect.

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