What Is The Structure Of The Human Skeleton?


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Skeleton of human is the inner frame of human body without which a person can not move. The skeleton is formed by the joined bones, held by a ligaments, muscles, cartilage etc. The Human skeleton consists of 206 bones which are of different size. Many important organs of the body is protected by bones like Lungs, brain, thorax and so on. The skeleton is divided into 2 parts. One is Axial which includes skull, backbone and ribcage and the other part is Appendicular which includes limbs and girdles. In order to know about bones of each part check out the follow site. This will give you a complete details regarding Human Skeleton structure.

Human Skeleton

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The function -1a)support -you get support from the frame of the body which support softer tissue in the body it provides attachment for most skeletal muscle
-protection-protection the skeleton provide mechanical protect for most of the body’s internal organs e.g. Rib cage protects the lungs and heart this reducing risk of injury
-assisting in movement-skeletal muscles are attached to bones therefore when the muscles contract they cause bones to move
-storage of minerals-Bone tissues store several minerals, including calcium and phosphorus When required, bone releases minerals into the blood –giving a balance of minerals in the body
-production of blood cells-red blood cells are produced in the bone marrow .this is important as oxygen is needed during exercise .red blood cell contain oxygen
-storage of chemical energy-With increasing age some bone marrow changes from 'red bone marrow' to 'yellow bone marrow'. Yellow bone marrow consists mainly of adipose cells, and a few blood cells. It is an important chemical energy is reserve.
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It made of bones which consist 206 bones.it attached by ligament and musles.it gives support and protection

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