How Many Gallons Of Saliva Does A Person Produce In A Day?


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I know that this sounds unbelievable, but the human body is nothing if it's not unbelievable.  The human body is actually capable of producing up to 4 gallons of saliva a day.  Think of all the times that you've seen a juicy hamburger at about 10 minutes till lunch.  Does the Pavlov experiment ring a bell?  It should.  It was conducted using juicy burgers and happy dogs.  And seeing as how dogs are our best friends and therefore our closest evolutionary cousins, the findings of Mrs. Pavlov (it was actually his wife who discovered the phenomenon) can be applied to homo sapiens.  

A normal person drinks about three glasses of water a day.  (That's about 5 shy of what you should be drinking, Jack!)  But even at three glasses a day, the amount of saliva produced is staggering.  You basically just keep swallowing it and reproducing it at an alarming rate.  If you drink the recommended 8 glasses, you could be looking at churning out 10-12 gallons of saliva daily.  That's enough the flush the toilets of five people in a 12 hour period!  

Our planet is dying; water is a major issue.  Do your part; PRODUCE MORE SALIVA!!!

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