Where Does The River Calder Meet The River Ribble?


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The River Ribble is a river that runs through the counties of North Yorkshire and Lancashire. These two counties are located in the northern part of England. The River Calder is one of the main tributaries of the River Ribble. It meets the Ribble at Great Mitton. The other major tributaries of the River Ribble are the Hodder, the Darwen and the Douglas. Like the Calder, the Hodder also meets the Ribble near Great Mitton. The Darwen joins the Ribble at Walton-le-Dale and the Douglas joins the Ribble near Hesketh Bank.

The River Calder starts above the town of Burnley in the county of Lancashire. It flows through Towneley Park and the town centre of Burnley where it is joined by the River Brun. It flows northwards, joins the Pendle Water, and then flows westwards past Gawthorpe Hall and through the town of Padiham. It then flows through Atham and Whalley and passes the ruins of Whalley Abbey. It then crosses the Whalley Viaduct, which is a structure made of red bricks. It finally meets the Ribble near Great Mitton.

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