Are girls stronger than boys?


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It varies among where you were raised, how you were raised, how active you were, and how your body is built but here is the most common set up for boys and girls.

Girls, stronger in the legs, usually faster, weaker arms.
Boys slower but stronger in the back and arms.

For mental capabilities;
Girls; Better at picking up hints as well as subtle emotional and bodily cues. Usually faster at on the fly calculations and complex processes. Better at the arts a well as steady hands.not well suited for Brute strength operations, better for smaller more complex things such as sewing.
Men: More forward and to the point, usually slower with on the fly calculations and complex processes. Better at sports which require strength and speed, not well suited for delicate tasks such as sewing.


GIrls and boys: Both are similar in almost every other way, agility and speed vary according to their activity as well as their body build.

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