What Is Heather?


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Heather is a very famous ornamental plant. This plant generally grows in gardens as well as it is used for landscaping. It is mostly used as an ingredient in gruit, which is a blend of different kinds of flavourings used for the brewing of beer. It was mostly used in the middle ages, before even the use of hops.

In the new heather beer Fraoch, the heather that is used is very carefully regulated. As the law goes, it is essential that the heather is carefully cleaned before it can be used for brewing. This is because a leaf of heather at the underside may sometimes have some kind of dusting, which is like an ergot-like fungus. This fungus is a hallucinogenic intoxicant. The Heather is also the national flower of Scotland and Norway.
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Heather is a well known ornamental plant found in gardens and often used for landscaping purpose. There are a number of cultivators chosen for variation in flower colour.

Various cultivators have different coloured flowers ranging from white to pink. The flowering season with various cultivators stretches from any where between July to November. The plat was initially introduced in New Zealand and has gone on to become an invasive weed in certain regions, like the Tongariro national Park. Their standard Calluna was obtained from a Greek term meaning 'to sweep', because the plat was primarily used to create brooms.

Heather is also used as an ingredient in gruit, a combination of flavouring applied in the brewing of beer through the middle ages prior to the application of hops.
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A Scottish Highland Moor, not more or less but a Moor! Hounds of the Baskerville did trodden upon those clumps of hard dry mounds amid the Moor, you know!
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Heather is a beautiful flower.

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