How Does Cutting Down Trees Effect Our Ozone Layer?


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Tree's absorb Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and release Oxygen (O2) back into the atmosphere. This is great to replenish the O2 in the atmosphere. If we cut down too many trees we disrupt the oxygen cycle enough that our O2 supplies are diminished.

When the O2 supplies are diminished enough there is not enough O2 in the atmosphere to block harmful electromagnetic radiation from the sun. O2 is the Earth's line of defense against this radiation. When this radiation collides with O2 it breaks the O2 apart and the two oxygen molecules combine with the next available O2 they run into creating O3 (Ozone). O3 or Ozone is not very stable and will break down when it collides with another Ozone molecule. When 2(O3) collide they create 3(O2).

So, basically, cutting down trees will result in less O2 in the atmosphere. Less O2 means less protection from the sun. Less protection from the sun means less Ozone is created.

The Ozone layer is just proof that we are still blocking harmful radiation from the sun.

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